Sunday, July 4, 2010

Away to camp he goes...what are we thinking!?!

Jaysen is gearing up to go to his first ever sleep away camp on Wednesday with his Royal Rangers outpost. He is so excited! Right now, he is making himself a chart to mark off the last few days before camp. He's almost ready, just have to finish washing some clothes and packing his gear.

Am I ready? Not so much. I am scared to death that this is the worst possible thing we can do. I know Jaysen is in good hands, his outpost commander is a great guy who cares about these kids a lot. I'm worried for Jaysen. I'm worried that he will have major behavioral issues. I'm worried that he won't make it through one day before he's begging to come home or we get a call from the grown-ups begging us to come get him.

I know I just have to pray and have faith that he will be fine and will have the time of his life. Like my mom says, he can't keep going through life getting disapointed and left out at every turn. He has to have a chance to try.

So here we go, God! I am putting him in your loving Hands and trusting You to help him be the brave and awesome kid I know he is.

New project...Workboxes!!

I've found something new to add to our homeschool, Sue Patrick's Worbox System.

I had this suggested to me by another homeschool mom online that I have gotten to know and I love the idea!!! I already have been doing something similar, but this will help me get it more organized and a more functional system in place. I was lucky enough to come across a copy of the book at a good price and Big Lots had 7 drawer organizer carts on sale for $18 today so I ran over and got one for each of the boys (they were in colors too, "more fun" was Jaysen's words lol). I like these organizers, they have different size drawers which will be very handy for days when a subject has a lot of things (manipulatives, games, etc).

Can't wait to get the book so I can start putting our new system together! I do plan to add pictures when I get the workboxes put together. I think this will be wonderful!