Sunday, July 4, 2010

New project...Workboxes!!

I've found something new to add to our homeschool, Sue Patrick's Worbox System.

I had this suggested to me by another homeschool mom online that I have gotten to know and I love the idea!!! I already have been doing something similar, but this will help me get it more organized and a more functional system in place. I was lucky enough to come across a copy of the book at a good price and Big Lots had 7 drawer organizer carts on sale for $18 today so I ran over and got one for each of the boys (they were in colors too, "more fun" was Jaysen's words lol). I like these organizers, they have different size drawers which will be very handy for days when a subject has a lot of things (manipulatives, games, etc).

Can't wait to get the book so I can start putting our new system together! I do plan to add pictures when I get the workboxes put together. I think this will be wonderful!

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