Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The siren call of the 3-ring binder

This is such a stupid post but I am going to write it anyway. Of all the school supplies I use, the 3 ring binder has become my all time favorite. It's so easy to organize with them, should I ever get the time to sit down and actually organize anything (wink wink). But I do like them. The boys are even getting into how handy they are. We recently switched Jay to a new math book and we found it free online (public domain). I printed up a couple chapters and initially put them in a vinyl folder with the metal tabs. It was nice except the the part where the metal tabs is connected stuck out so far onto the paper that it made it tricky for Jay to keep the pages open without bending them up. I switched it out to a 3 ring binder and he says "Mom this is so much easier to read now". Score one for mom.

I am now fighting to not take every teacher's guide and workbook I have for the kids and whack off the bindings, 3 hole punch everything and stick them all in binders. It's going to become an addiction. Come back to school supply sale time I may be in serious trouble if there are any really excellent sales on 3 ring binders.

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