Friday, June 29, 2012

The Silliness and her brothers

Katie is changing so much lately. As she nears her 4th birthday, her personality is really beginning to form. She's a LOT like her oldest brother, Joey, but more of her own individuality is coming through. I've taken to calling her The Silliness as she is so funny and silly and says things that make me giggle. She dances around the room, she doesn't walk. She sings more than talks. She is all girl. And having only had boys for 7 years before she came along, I'm not used to having such girliness around me. She's also very much a tomboy, she's as happy playing in the dirt as she is dressing up in princess costumes and tutus. She's comfortable with her hair done up in curls with mud smeared all over her hands and face. She's caught between 2 worlds and she loves it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

On that note, her's just a sampling of the comical things Katie and her brothers say:

Katie was furious that she was given 2 boxes of chicken mcnuggets in her happy meal instead of 1 box of chicken and a sleeve of fries. Jaysen kept telling her she's supposed to get chicken and she yells at him "No Jaysen, there are 2 boxes of ticken! See? 1, 2!" Suprise Jaysen, she knows how to count, lol!

Asked the kids what they want to get Mawmaw for her birthday. Jaysen's first suggestion was fabric for her work. ;) His second idea was chickens.
 Jaysen: How about chickens?
 Me: You mean real ones?
 Jaysen: Yeah, she likes chickens so lets get her a bunch of chickens.
 Yup, not going to happen buddy, lol! So I ask again what do they want to get her. 
Jaysen: What does she like? I don't know her that well!
 Yes, this child is going to make some unfortunate girl very unhappy in the future on her birthday, lol!
Katie: I just farted.
 Me: Thank you, I didn't need to know that.
 Katie: Sorry mom.
 Goofy kid.
Katie: I need Daddy.
 Me: Why do you need Daddy?
 Katie: Cause Daddy never helps me.
 Silly girl. ;)
Katie is scribbling all over her new magna-doodle saying "almost all done with my new masterpiece". Goofy girl. ;)
Jaysen just said "Mom, I'm glad you're not evil." Little does he know.....JUST KIDDING, LOL!!!!
Another funny one from Jaysen (while watching Rugrats All Grown Up): "Mom, did you know Tommy has a girlfriend at 10 years old?"
Me: "Yes and I'm not that wild about it being in the show."
Jay: "I didn't think people had girlfriends until 14."
Me: "If your dad has his way you won't have a girlfriend until you're 30."
Jay: "Maybe I won't have one until I'm 40. That's okay, I'm too young to have a girlfriend anyway."
LOVE that kid and his logic, rofl!

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