Friday, December 12, 2008

Icky weather!

I'm so not looking forward to this weekend. The icky weather is on it's way. We woke up to frozen rain and icy roads. Josh was calling me early to warn me to leave myself extra time to drive in the mess. Thankfully by the time I was ready to take Jaysen to school, the roads were beginning to clear up and it wasn't bad at all. But a good warm-up for winter driving. We may get as much as 8" of snow by Sunday then we are getting hit with an artic blast! Starting Sunday, highs in the teens, lows in the single digits and maybe even below zero. Not happy at all! I can handle snow, that's the easy stuff to drive in. The ice is what I can't stand, especially when the snow melts a little then refreezes mixed with ice, ugh!

I'm debating whether to keep the boys home from school on the worst days. One, I don't want to drive in that stuff which I will have to to get Jaysen to school. Two, I really don't like them being outside for even a couple minutes in that bitter cold. That's the kind of weather where you don't have to be out for very long and you're risking frostbite. I have to remember to get all the winter stuff out of the closets. It's also going to mean getting up earlier to have time to get everyone bundled up before leaving for school. At least I get to bust out Katie's cute little Winnie the Pooh snowsuit, mom's been waiting for the weather to turn so we can use it.

Well, I have 6 more windows to winterize (covering the glass with heavy plastic and duct tape) before the cold hits. I never knew before moving up here just how much the smell of duct tape reeks!! LOL!!

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