Friday, November 12, 2010

My enemy...the snooze button

I read something tonight that made realize the snooze button is not my friend. I have experienced many a morning of running and racing through the house, desperately trying to get everyone out the door in time to be just late enough to the doctor's office to get "the look" but not quite late enough to be forced to reschedule the appointment.

I do not like the snooze button anymore. It has not been nice to me. It has led me to believe I can trust it to give me just a few extra minutes of rest in the morning before I get up. Instead, it has allowed me to fall back asleep, snoring right on through it's next little warning that time is running out quickly and I had better get up now.

In fact, I don't really like my clock. I had set it 20 minutes early so I would always be 20 minutes early for whatever I need to do and wherever I need to be. But that didn't happen, I would look at the clock see I still had 20 minutes till I HAD to get up, then doze back off.

So I changed things. I changed the time to be exact. I now only hit the snooze button once, if at all and make myself get up. If I can sleep in, I don't set the alarm I just sleep in. If I have to get up, I set the alarm knowing full well I have to get up and I have to get going. I have been late much less, have had less trouble getting up in the morning and I don't have that anxiety hanging over my head anymore.

Now if I only I could get myself to go to bed at a decent hour, things would be much better. :)

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Over Yonder said...

We are too much alike! Chris is back at his old job (jewelry store) this month and it has forced me to get my hiney out of bed before 8. (normally it would be 9:30...did I admit that? ;) Add in I started going to the chiropractor (or as A~man says Choirpractor;) and I made the appts early so I have to be up by 7. I SO wish I could sleep in tomorrow but hubby works...and we have one vehicle. I would let him have it but I am bringing a meal to a friend in the afternoon.